Know Your Rights

There are many misconceptions about no cost windshield replacements. Here is the truth:

You're eligible for no-cost replacements.

All vehicles that carry Florida based comprehensive coverage insurance are eligible for no-cost replacements under Florida Law.

You can choose where to go.

Your insurance company CANNOT tell you where you must have the work done. In Florida, you have the right to choose who completes any work on your vehicle through your coverage.

There's no limit to how many replacements you get.

You ARE NOT limited to “one free windshield per year” as many people think. You are entitled to coverage and replacement WHENEVER you have damage no matter how often it occurs.

Don't worry about the deductible.

Your deductible DOES NOT APPLY to windshield repairs and replacements under Florida law. The statute is listed below.

Florida Statutes TITLE XXXVII.

Chapter 627 – Insurance Rates and Contracts

Part XI. Motor Vehicle and Casualty Insurance Contracts

Section 627.7288 Comprehensive coverage;
deductible not to apply to motor vehicle glass.

“The deductible provisions of any policy of motor vehicle insurance, delivered or issued in this state by an authorized insurer, providing comprehensive coverage or combined additional coverage shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle covered under such policy.“